<p>[av_heading heading=’Our Company History’ tag=’h3′ color=’meta-heading’ style=” padding=’10’][av_partner columns=’3′ heading=” size=’no scaling’ type=’grid’ animation=’slide’ navigation=’no’ autoplay=’true’ interval=’3′]<br />[av_partner_logo id=’2700′]<br />[av_partner_logo id=’2702′]<br />[av_partner_logo id=’2701′]<br />[/av_partner][av_textblock]<br />Scandroli Construction Company is a fourth-generation family-owned firm of contractors.  Scandroli was founded in 1907 by Joseph Scandroli, a skilled Italian brick mason who immigrated to the United States in 1892.In 1933, Scandroli Construction Company became a corporation under Joesph’s sons: Charles, as President, and Raymond as Vice President.  They expanded the company in 1940 to include the operation of a ready-mix concrete plant.Raymond took the helm after Charles’s death in 1966, and brought on his sons Joseph and Carl.In 1976, Joseph and Carl assumed control of the company as President and Vice President after Ray’s death.  As Scandroli Construction Company’s current owners, they continue the family tradition of quality craftsmanship into the company’s second century of operation.  Joseph’s two sons – Joseph Scandroli, Jr. and Anthony Scandroli – currently hold positions in the company and continue this tradition of excellence into the future.The strength of Scandroli Construction Company goes beyond its balance sheet, successful projects, and satisfied clients.  When Joseph Scandroli founded Scandroli Construction Company in 1907, he believed that an absolute dedication to craftsmanship and an uncommon work ethic would lay the foundation for a business that would last generations.  These principles laid the groundwork for the philosophies that still guide the company’s operation.  Over a century later, his work – and ours – continue to stand the test of time.<br />[/av_textblock]</p>